Conquer the heat and stay fresh all summer with a professionally maintained and installed air conditioning system.

Our Services:

Repair and Maintenance

Regardless of how good your Air Conditioning system performs, over the year it can break down and fail on you when you need it most. Just like a vehicle, your homes Air Conditioning system needs regular check up’s and maintenance to continue working at its best. Premier Heating and Cooling works with all brands and is able to repair and maintain your system to keep in perfect working capacity.

Enjoy the Benefits of a properly maintained A/C system:
• It Keeps your Air Conditioner working efficiently at all times
• It Helps you maximize your Air Conditioner’s life span
• It Helps you avoid costly damage and failures
• It Gives you comfort and peace of mind
• Installation and Replacement

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Are you looking for a brand new Air Conditioning unit for your brand new home? It is not easy especially when you have to consider questions like; What brand and unit is the best? How much will it cost? How do I know what is the right system for my home? Premier Heating and Cooling is here to help guide you to choose what’s best and most beneficial for you.

Installing a new and more efficient Air Conditioning unit will help cut your energy bills. There are many options to choose from, Premier Heating and Cooling will work with you to determine the best Air Conditioning system for your home or business.

We are available to serve you 24/7 to install your Air Conditioner with our professional, prompt and courteous service technicians.

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