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Help Your AC Out With These Energy Saving Tips Around the Home

It is no secret that we want to keep our homes as cool as comfortable as possible when the weather outside is dismal, hazy, and humid. This means cranking your AC up, kicking back, and enjoying the wonders of modern technology. All of that comfort comes at a price, though. If you are running your AC around the clock, you bet your pockets are going to feel the heat just as much as you are. You can help your AC out with these energy saving tips around your home, and help it not have to work as hard. The more cool air you save in the home, the better things will be.


1)      For you windows


Getting windows that have argon gas filled panes is a great step toward saving money on energy bills. If you don’t have those then you can at least close the window coverings during the hot part of the day. You could even invest in solar shade screens. Investing in Energy Star rated windows is a great way to save money. Almost half of the heat entering your home comes from these portals.


2)      Insulate properly


If your attic isn’t properly insulated, then you are going to see your cooling costs getting driven way up to the ceiling. This part of the house goes through big temperature extremes, and if it is inadequately insulated, then the heat is going to get through and come down into your house. You could even go so far as to get proper materials on your roof to reflect more radiant energy, but that is for another day.


3)      In the house


Even though most of the heat comes from outside, a lot of it is still generated in your home. Having the lights burning all day certainly isn’t helping, and cooking two or even three times per day is going to make your home nearly unbearable.  Use exhaust fans when possible to circulate the air, and keep these energy-producing activities for another time.


In the end, keeping your home cool is a matter of running your AC, and doing what you can to make sure that the cool air stays within your home. Make sure that you have the right windows, insulate properly, and avoid doing activities that create heat energy. For any home AC needs, trust the pros at Premier Heating & Cooling to handle the heat. Contact us today to learn more.

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