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How to Maximise Your Air Conditioner Efficiency

Although air conditioners were once seen as a luxury, they’ve become a necessity to beat extreme heat.


Unfortunately many people forget that their air conditioner needs regular maintenance and care to stay optimally efficient. If you feel your air conditioner isn’t performing as well as it could be, there are a few things you can do to optimize its efficiency:


  • Regulate the cool air in the room with the help of a fan to reduce the stress on your air conditioner.
  • Seal windows and doorways to keep cool air from escaping, and hot air from entering the room. This includes sealing air leaks in windows, as well as adding insulation to your basement and attic to save energy and keep your air conditioning unit from working overtime.
  • Prevent direct sunlight from heating up the room by installing thick blinds and drapes to keep the harsh rays out.
  • Seal the air conditioning ducts to prevent cool air from escaping through leaks and poor connections.
  • Dirt and debris on air filters can reduce an air conditioner’s efficiency. Change the filters regularly to maintain their optimal performance.


Maintaining an air conditioner is easier than you think, and if you follow these simple tricks you may even be able to extend the life of your current unit.


If you’ve tried all these tricks and your air conditioner still doesn’t seem to be working to its full potential, then give us a call at (519) 245-5945 and ask about our air conditioner repair services today.

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