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The Easiest Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality This Summer

A big driver of modern-day health concerns, from the annoying to the dangerous, is indoor air pollution. The indoor air quality (IAQ) of a home can have a major impact on the health and well-being of its inhabitants. A lot of people invest in air purifiers to improve IAQ, and these can definitely help, but these machines can be beyond the budgets of many people. There are easier ways to clear the air, and you won’t have to break the bank!

Dusting And Vacuuming To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Horizontal photo of vacuum cleaning inside heater floor vent with Red Oak Floors in backgroundOne of the simplest ways to greatly improve your home’s IAQ is by being neat! By keeping your home clean, you can eliminate common household pollutants like dust, dander, and mold. This will reduce asthma and allergy flare-ups and help your family and visitors to breathe easier.

It’s fairly easy, too. Vacuum any rugs and carpeting once or even twice a week with a vacuum cleaner, preferably one equipped with (HEPA filter). Regularly clean fabrics that attract allergens, like your bedding, curtains, and pillows. Get rid of clutter that traps and holds dust. Do all of these actions more often if you have pets!

Changing The Filters For Better Air Quality

HVAC filters have a dual purpose: they keep the system itself from clogging up, and they stop indoor pollutants from getting circulated through your home. When these filters get clogged, furnace change image how to change filterthey don’t work efficiently, and fewer allergens will be taken out of the air. At the start of air conditioning season, make sure your filters have been changed – they should be swapped out at least every year.

Clean Your Ducts and Improve Indoor Air Quality

Most homeowners forget that they even have air ducts, but these parts of your home are major repositories for allergens and pollutants. Dust, dirt, pet hair, and mold can build up in your home’s ducts if they’re left alone. You should have your ducts cleaned every 3 – 5 years.

Plants Are A Mixed Blessing For Air Quality

premier heating air quality, air quality house plants, house plantsA lot of people think that plants are natural air purifiers, but that’s not always true. Many plants give off allergens that cause indoor air pollution rather than remove it. Always do your research before populating your living space with flowers; many would do better outside in the summer anyway!

Keep The Ventilation Going

There are many ways you can improve ventilation in your home to get those pollutants out. Leaving the doors in your home open to improve circulation, using the bathroom and kitchen fans, and keeping furniture clear of vents are all easy things you can do to improve ventilation and IAQ. If you’re not relying on the AC to survive, take advantage of the balmy weather and warm sun by opening the windows and letting the fresh air in. Fresh air can really do wonders for your IAQ!

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