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Know Your Water Heater Types

Water heaters come in different types, and are generally classified according to one of three main heating methods — electric, gas and solar. Each of course has its advantages and disadvantages.


Electric Water Heaters


Electric water heaters are usually the cheapest to buy, but they are more expensive to run in the long-term as they rely on electricity. They are versatile and can be installed outdoors and indoors, making them a good solution for many homes. They also remain the most popular hot water heater solution for most homes.


Gas Water Heaters


Gas water heaters are cheaper to run than electric water heaters, but they require a special natural gas connection for heating water. Gas hot water heater systems are usually installed outdoors, but some can also be installed indoors.


Solar Water Heaters


A solar hot water heating system consists of a large storage tank and solar panels. As the name suggests, solar needs adequate sunlight, without which they will not run as efficiently as desired. The storage tank usually requires a gas or electric booster to keep the water warm on days with little or no sunlight. These are more expensive to install in the short-term, but have the lowest running costs in the long-term and are most energy efficient.


Choosing the right hot water heater system depends on the specific needs and requirements of each individual family. For more information about hot water heaters, contact Premier Heating and Cooling today. 519-245-5945.


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