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Radiant Tube Heaters Offer Gas Savings

Tube-style infrared heater units are excellent for heating objects, spot warming people, and for specific zone heating applications. The tube heaters work by radiating heat downwards over a large area, thereby primarily warming the floor first rather than heating the air in the house.


Radiant tube heaters put the heat where it is needed, rather than heating up the roof space first, as is the case with blown air heaters – heat which is then sucked straight out of the building by the roof fans. In the past, people shied away from radiant tube heaters because of their bulky and industrial look. Today, infrared tube heaters offer all the traditional benefits of infrared heaters (efficiency, economy, employee comfort), plus an attractive profile that is well-suited to a wide variety of non-industrial applications.


Some Benefits of Radiant Tube Heaters:


• Radiant Tube Heaters offer better heat distribution.
• The radiant technology presents significant savings in gas usage, and produces a much better indoor environment when compared to whole-house heating.
• Radiant tube heaters do not create dirty or contaminating products of combustion.
• Infrared heat can be controlled and directed easily.
• Radiant tube heaters can be zoned to provide a high heating zone in one area and a lower heating zone in another. They are responsive to control changes and can provide consistent product temperature control to within close tolerances.
• Radiant tube heaters have rapid heat and recovery times.
• Radiant tube heaters are easy to install and operate.


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