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Signs that Your Air Conditioning is Malfunctioning

An AC system has a crucial role to play in providing your home or office with comfort during the warmer months. For it to be effective at this, you need to take care of it. Unfortunately, not many people get timely repair for their air conditioner, which in turn leads to breakdown within a very short time. This guide will highlight signs that will tell you when it’s time to call us for professional air conditioning repair in London, ON and surrounding areas.


Reduced Air Flow


It is quite easy to notice if there is reduced air flow from your air conditioner. This will happen if its filters or air ducts are clogged. If you continue operating your AC in this case, you will see higher electricity costs since it is being overworked to get the room at the required temperature. Luckily, bringing in a professional will help you narrow down the problem and fix it.


Noisy Operation


An air conditioner that is working in top-notch condition is usually efficient and silent. The moment you start hearing noises coming from the unit, you need to know that something is amiss. This sound could be brought about by a problem with the fan belt, which will definitely require the services a qualified AC repair technician.


Taking Too Much Time to Cool


When you turn on your AC, you should be able to achieve the pre-set temperature within a few minutes of operation. When your air conditioner starts taking too long for this to happen, it’s usually due to an underlying problem that needs attention. In many cases, this would happen if it’s running low on coolant, although you will still need a definitive diagnosis from AC specialists.


Odd Odours


The air that your AC brings in should be clean and odorless. If it starts blowing stale smelling air, then it is not functioning properly. There are numerous factors that could bring in this strange smelling air, including worn out filters or the presence of leaks within the unit. Again, an experienced technician will help you resolve this.


An AC that is well taken care of will rarely give you any problems. However, when you notice any of these signs, you should get someone to check on it as soon possible to avoid causing even more harm and sometimes increased energy bills. Give the experts at Premier Heating & Cooling a call at 519-245-5945.

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