Air Conditioner

The Most Common AC problems

Sitting inside on a hot day, basking in the cool air that your air conditioner provides is just one of the many things that makes modern life great. How did people ever live before being able to control the temperatures inside their home? Even though they are the most important part of your home cooling system, we often neglect to maintain them or check for issues. Here are some of the most common AC problems, and what you should do if you encounter them.




Your AC uses refrigerant to cool the air within the system. This is what allows the warm air from outside to get cold as it enters your home. If there is a leak or you just haven’t had new refrigerant put in, then chances are your AC is going to start blowing hot air. If you do detect a leak, then you need to call the pros to come out and fix it. It isn’t something that you can do on your own. Remember to always monitor the level, and to do a quick check if you start feeling hot air.


Fan malfunction


There needs to be a way for heat to leave your home, and that is what the outside fan is for. If it isn’t working, then heat is going to stop leaving the unit, and this could cause severe damage to the machine. If the compressor or other part is damaged, then that could be the end of the AC. Make sure to have it checked out if you start hearing weird noises, or notice the fan not moving.




Yes, your AC can freeze. Especially the coils. This is almost always going to be a problem with airflow. If you have either frozen indoor or outdoor coils, then you should check the refrigerant and see if it is low. Run the unit for a while and feel the air. If you are noticing issues then call a professional to come service it.


Having to live without your AC is not something that we would wish on anyone. If you notice any of the most common AC problems with your unit, then it is time to get on the phone and call the heating and cooling professionals at Premier Heating and Cooling. We know what it takes to get that cool air back up and running. Don’t go too long without it.