How Can I Lower My Heating Bills This Winter? 1

How Can I Lower My Heating Bills This Winter?

Winter weather means HVAC systems across London run longer hours to provide warm relief on the coldest days. This means that higher heating bills are inevitable. Don’t let paying more money be the reason for the season – follow these tips to slash your costs and save money this winter!


Program Your Thermostat

thermostat - premier hvacKeep your thermostat on a tight schedule that revolves around when you’re in and out of the home. Set the temperature to 20°C (68°F) when you’re at home and 17°C (63°F) when out or asleep. If your family can’t handle the shock, gradually reduce the temperature over the winter to see how much you can lower it while staying comfortable.

This is easy when you have a smart or programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat lets homeowners schedule their heating to run only when it’s necessary. A smart thermostat hooks up to your wifi and gives homeowners even more energy-saving options. They can control the HVAC system from anywhere with a smartphone. If you’re still operating with an older thermostat model, upgrading it can save you a lot of money.


Seal Any Weaknesses

window in winter - premier hvacWindows and doors are the likeliest spots for drafts, so ensure that the seals around them are tight. Try weatherstripping to make them extra secure, or add clear window treatments to reduce the heat loss through your windows. To add some extra heat and insulation, open the shades and curtains of any south-facing windows during the day and keep them closed at night. You can also place blankets over uncovered windows and drapes, especially at night when the temperature is at its coldest.

Don’t overlook your home’s ductwork. Check the bends and breaks of the system, because these areas often have small leaks that allow heated air to slowly escape, reducing the efficiency of the system. Duct leaks are easy to stop; a roll of metallic tape, which you can find for cheap at any hardware store, should do the trick.

One part of the home many people forget to seal is the chimney. Leaving an unused flue open will allow a large quantity of warm air out of your house, and a large quantity of cold air in. It’s like keeping a window open! Make sure you remember that the chimney is no longer suitable for fires.


Keep Your HVAC System Clean

dust cleaning - premier hvacDust and allergens are efficient insulators, but this means they prevent airflow from getting into your rooms. Clean the build-up of dust from your radiators and baseboard heat vents often. Cleaning these areas will improve your air quality, too!

As well, you should swap out the air filters when you move over from A/C to heating. Clean air filters allow the heat to flow unimpeded through your system. Replacing them reduces the strain on your furnace, which can extend its life.


Most of these fixes are inexpensive and easy enough for you to do yourself. They’ll reduce your energy usage and save you a lot of money on that monthly heating bill!

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