Leaky Faucets bane of Hot Water Heater

How to Get the Most Out of a Hot Water Heater

We deal with a fair amount of customers who either need a new one installed or their current one prepared, and most of these customers are not aware of hot to get the most out of a hot water heater. They are so vital to the health of you and your home, but aren’t sorely missed until you find yourself without. The quality of our products means that they should last a decade or more, but still, there are things you can do to help prolong its life and increase its efficiency.


Have your tanked flushed out


Over time, dirt, sand and other impurities will form a sediment layer within your tank that will begin to insulate the burners and cut down on their efficiency. This will cause the unit to work harder to produce the same amount of energy, translating to higher energy costs for you. One of our trained professionals can do this for you in no time. It is recommended that you have this done this bi-annually.


Install energy-efficient taps


Anywhere that your home taps into the water system is an opportunity to install an energy-efficient tap. This means your faucet, showerhead, bathtub and anywhere else that water comes out. These will not only save you money over time, they will help extend the life of your heater. By working less, the unit won’t break down as quickly.


Get preventative maintenance


Preventative maintenance from Premier is thorough, affordable, and effective. We will not only check all of the connections, the flow, and the cleanliness of your hot water heater, we will check the pressure valves and replace anything that is starting to give way. This is also a valuable time to consult with us over other HVAC problems in the home. One of our trained technicians is your most valuable ally in the fight against home emergencies.


Warm water is essential to modern living and without it you can’t make it through the rough winter. In order to get the full lifetime out of your home water system, you need to give it a little bit of TLC. Take our tips on how to get the most out of your hot water heater to heart, and get Premier Heating and Cooling to check up on it each year to make sure it is in working order.

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