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Why is my Boiler Making Noise?

The boiler in your basement is one of the unsung heroes in your home. It silently heats the house all through the cold months without so much of a second thought from most homeowners. That is until it starts making loud clanging, banging, or hissing sounds. Besides keeping you up all night it also could cost you a lot of money if something goes wrong. So if you are asking yourself “why is my boiler making noise”, then you should read on to find out what it is and then call a pro to quiet it down.




Perhaps the most common problem with home boilers is that they make a hissing, popping or banging sound when turned on and powering up. It is so named because it is caused by the same phenomena that we are used to from a home kettle. It is caused by build-up that constricts the flow of water which in turn causes localized water to boil. This turns water into steam and creates the hissing sound that you are hearing.


Your Pipes


The problem with your boiler might actually be a problem with your pipes. For example, if the connections to the unit are loose or worn, then you will normally hear banging and clanging sounds. You could even have frozen pipes during the winter if it is cold enough outside. Either way, it is a problem that you can’t let continue. Burst pipes are not only costly, they could damage the home.


What should you do?


It is important that you take action immediately. You can go down to your boiler and check all connections. Wiggle around the connections and make sure that nothing is loose. From there you can check to make sure all of your water is running properly and that there is no frost on the pipes. After you have made these quick checks you should call a professional to come out immediately.


Normally your home heating system is the silent hero keeping your home warm enough for living when it is cold outside. When it starts acting up and getting loud, then you need to action. If you are asking why your boiler is making noise, then it could already be too late. Get a professional to come get things back in order immediately.

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