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How to Save Money on Heating This Winter

Anyone who’s ever been through a winter up here knows that they can get pretty brutal. That’s why it is so nice to have a home heating system that keeps us warm and cozy. Going without one is out of the question, but they are no doubt a little pricey if not used properly. Use these tips on how to save money on your heating bills this winter form Premier Heating and Cooling to make sure that you stay warm, and that you don’t break the bank.


Use your heat only when at home


Although it is normal to always want your house to be warm, the fact remains that it doesn’t always need to be. If you are gone during the day, then make sure that it is off when you leave. Although coming home to a nice warm house is great, it might not be worth the 9 hours of wasted heat every day. If you have a thermostat that you can program to turn on at a certain time, then even better!


Make sure your windows and doors are sealed


More energy escapes through our windows and doors than from anywhere else, and we don’t mean just when they are open. If you have leaks, then heat will seep out. Have them inspected for issues and get them taken care of immediately. Consider investing in double pane glass windows to conserve heat for this winter and the winters to come.


Turn it off at night!


When you are in bed at night you probably won’t need your heat. Chances are you are going to be tucked into bed under the covers. Not only will the blankets keep you warm, but the air underneath will continue to get warm because of body heat. You don’t need it. Turn it on in the morning if you want to warm you up while you’re showering or getting ready, but make sure it is off when you have other means of staying warm.


Having indoor heating is a luxury that we sometimes take for granted. We are able to get warm and stay warm so easily that we sometimes forget how lucky we are. Still, it costs money, and unless you know how to save money on your heating bills this winter, you are going to pay more than you’d like. Premier Heating and Cooling can help make sure your home heating is ready for winter and handle any problems that you might have during the cold season.

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