How to Lower Your Energy Bills This Spring and Summer

 Spring means that the leaves are going to start growing again, but that doesn’t mean that money is going to grow on trees, too. Most homeowners don’t realize just how much money they are spending on their bills each month, and between heating and cooling, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars if you don’t stay smart.


Most of our customers are looking for ways to keep their wallets happy, so we thought we’d show you a few ways to lower your energy bills this spring and summer. Here’s what the experts recommend:


Get an AC tune up


This needs to go first and foremost. The spring is the best time to do it because it’s just before the days when you really need it in summer, and Springtime is when the most pollen and other airborne molecules start to muck up the gears. A professional HVAC company can tune up your AC and help it perform much more efficiently. This will save you money on cooling bills during both the Spring and summer


Get a programmable thermostat


Installing one of these gadgets will help you control the temperature of your home and how much work your heating and cooling systems are doing. If you want to lower your energy bill, this is a great first step.


Cook outside


Did you know that heat from your stove is one of the biggest contributors to home temperature? Cooking outside means your home won’t get warm, you won’t have to open up windows and doors, and you won’t have to spend time cooling it down again. Plus having a BBQ is a lot of fun!


Seal it up


Leaks in the windows and doors could account for a huge portion of your energy bills. Get pros to come over and inspect for them. Once they are found, caulk them up and keep them sealed. Having cracks or leaks around the home is basically the same as cooling the inside while keeping the windows open.


The good thing about the warmer months is that we usually don’t need to use that much energy. Still, once it starts to get hot outside, you’re going to want to crank that AC up. Knowing how to lower your energy bills this spring and summer will help save you a lot of money. Just make sure you get the right HVAC company to give you a hand.

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