Your Spring HVAC Checklist

The snow is melting and warmer temperatures are around the corner. Spring is in the air. Just because you’ve made it out of winter doesn’t mean that you won’t have more HVAC issues to contend with. This Spring HVAC checklist for homeowners will help you get ready for the season ahead and make sure that you don’t encounter any breakdowns or headaches.


Replace all filters


All home HVAC systems are going to have filters or screens meant to keep harmful air particles out of the system. If you don’t change your filter, then the buildup is going to get into the system and make it run less efficiently and take years off its life. Since spring is a time full of dust and pollen, now is the time to change the filter. If you have a central system or ACs, change them all now.


Clean up around the outside of the home


Raking the yard of the debris left from winter is a great idea, but that’s not what we are talking about. We just mean cleaning out your gutters, cleaning around your outdoor HVAC units, and making sure none of the vents are clogged up. Who knows what got in there during the cold season? Keeping your home properly ventilated is one of the best HVAC tips you’ll ever get.


Get your ducts cleaned


Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean get rid of all of your junk, it means cleaning out your ductwork. Dirty vents and ducts can lead to bad allergies, poor system performance, and higher energy bills. Get them cleaned before the season gets in full gear.


Remember that just because winter is over doesn’t mean you are out of the woods. Home maintenance is a year-long job. This spring HVAC checklist is a great start, and will cover all of the major issues you will encounter. Remember that a preventative maintenance checkup from the professionals is the best way to save money on your HVAC each year, so don’t hesitate to contact us for all your HVAC maintenance needs.

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