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Six Reasons To Call For Routine Furnace Service ASAP!

Have you had to scrape frost off your car yet? It’s a good sign cold weather is here to stay, which means you’re probably considering turning on the furnace until at least April. Before you continue turning up the heat on your thermostat, here are six reasons for why you should call us for a checkup. It’ll save you money and a lot of problems in the future!


It won’t break on you when you need it most

Six Reasons To Call For Routine Furnace Service ASAP! 1

It’s minus -20 below on a windy, wintery evening when suddenly you notice the air temperature dropping. You can’t remember when the familiar hum of your furnace cut out. You check the thermostat… and it’s 20 degrees and falling. Uh-oh.

If you’re looking to survive a Canadian winter, your motto should always be “be prepared.” This means having a functional, working furnace during the winter. Get it checked out long before the weather gets cold to make sure you won’t be unpleasantly surprised. A licensed technician will be able to find potential problems before they turn into real ones!

It’ll save you energy

A routine checkup will ensure everything is running efficiently and the system is clean. A clean, fine-tuned furnace will operate effectively with less energy expended, saving you money during the months when the heating costs are very high!


Six Reasons To Call For Routine Furnace Service ASAP! 2

A service can prevent carbon monoxide leaks before they happen

Furnace inspections are important for the health and well-being of your family. One of the scariest sounds you could wake up to is your carbon monoxide monitor going off, as it means your entire family is at risk from an odorless, tasteless, deadly substance.

Routine furnace maintenance can find leaks and potential weak spots to prevent carbon monoxide from getting into the air and endangering your family.

Repairing your own furnace isn’t easy!

Actually, it shouldn’t be tried at all! There is some general maintenance you can take care of yourself, but only a fully-trained and experienced technician can take care of the complicated diagnostics that many solutions require. Doing it yourself, without the proper training, can mean a damaged furnace, which can cost you more and put your family at risk!

By calling an expert, you aren’t just shooting in the dark. You’ll be getting a detailed description of the problem and how you can solve it properly.


Furnace Maintenance Air Filter

An expert can give it a thorough cleaning

After a long period of disuse, the furnace can be coated with a lot of dust, pet hair, pollen, and other allergens. These airborne nuisances will exacerbate allergies and make the winter months complete agony for you or those in your home.

Let a technician check it out. Proper filter changes and air cleaners can make sure after you turn on the heat, you won’t be sneezing all winter long!


Your current furnace will last longer!

A furnace checkup is a lot cheaper than an entirely new furnace. Keeping it in shape means your heating will run more effectively and efficiently for a longer period of time. Schedule a routine furnace servicing this fall and keep everything running smoothly as long as you’re in the home!

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