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What Tools Do HVAC Techs Need?

HVAC systems are complicated, and thus, so is the range of equipment we need to fix it! Our technicians won’t always use the wide array of tools for every job, but having them on hand lets them quickly find a solution to the issue with your heating or cooling. Every tool helps the Premier team do each job efficiently and safely!


The Smaller Essential Tools

hvac tools cordless drill - premierHVAC technicians use a lot of specialized equipment, but many of the essential tools are quite common. Screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, crescent wrenches, and flashlights help the team gain access to the inner parts of your HVAC system and work on the many different wires, bolts, and screws. Metal and tubing cutters are useful for cutting through and replacing any pipes and wires. A cordless, battery-powered drill gives increased access to parts of the HVAC system that are harder to reach.  

Some tools are needed to install new HVAC systems. A reciprocating saw blade is necessary to cut through most materials in HVAC jobs. A staple gun lets us secure joists and foil lines to increase the necessary airflow. Crimpers and awls help us work the piping and metal to fit everything in the space carved out for the HVAC system. 


Specialized HVAC Equipment

Some of our most important tools are highly specialized to the needs of heating and cooling systems. These include: 

  • A portable digital thermometer to measure temperature.
  • A psychrometer to measure and rate the airflow and air mixtures. This gives the technician a reading of relative humidity. 
  • Leak detectors sense and confirm if there is moisture present leading to a leak.
  • A vacuum pump lets the technician suck any moisture out of the lines. 
  • Refrigeration gauges to identify pressures for different types of refrigerants and determine if there is a leak in the system.
  • HVAC software to communicate with clients. This improves scheduling and means our team won’t take anyone by surprise! 


Safety Equipment

hvac safety tools - premierA job done well is a job done safely. The team never undertakes a job without the proper safety equipment. They use gloves that are thick enough to protect their hands but allow for the dexterity needed to hold screws and smaller tools. Safety goggles protect their eyes from metal and debris because HVAC systems can get pretty dusty.

One piece of equipment that is both specialized and for safety is the multi-meter. Before working around electrical hazards and live energy, an HVAC technician has to test that an area is safe. A multi-meter tells them if electricity is present and the voltage of this energy.

One of the most important safety measures for an HVAC company to have? Backing. The Premier Heating and Cooling team is fully licensed, insured, registered with TSSA and covered by WSIB. Our team can install, service, and repair all makes and models of HVAC systems.

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