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Will HVAC Be An In-Demand Career In 2020?

HVAC has always been a cutting-edge industry. Thanks to continued advancements, heating and cooling systems are more efficient, easier to control, and more environmentally friendly than ever before. Many HVAC systems are even connected to the internet, allowing computers the ability to handle tasks like temperature control and air quality. 

This last point might cause some aspiring technicians to pause. Will HVAC systems still require technicians in the future? 

What Are The Job Prospects For New HVAC Technicians?

While we can’t speak for the country as a whole, the Government of Canada says that the outlook for HVAC jobs in Ontario is rated “Good” through 2020. There are three reasons for this: 

  1. Employment growth will create new positions.
  2. Retirements will make more positions available.
  3. The number of unemployed workers with recent experience in this occupation is small.

hvac industry workers demand - premier heating and cooling

The outlook is also strengthened by trends in the United States. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the demand for qualified technicians in 2022 will have grown 21 percent since 2012. 

This might sound out-of-sync with many other industries as service and technician jobs become automated. The concern for those eyeing a career as an HVAC technician is that as systems become smarter, the need for technicians will be reduced. The drive for automation doesn’t seem to be an issue for HVAC technicians, however! As heating and cooling systems become more complex, they also require more specialized knowledge for installation and updating.


Why Is HVAC Still In High Demand? 

hvac industry workers demand - premier heating and coolingThe main reason HVAC technicians will still be in demand through 2020 and beyond is that all modern homes are equipped with HVAC systems. In Ontario, higher population growth will continue to support the development of new homes in certain areas. Even if homeowners choose not to have the “AC” part of their HVAC system installed, heating is always going to be a necessity in Canada. 

HVAC technicians also have one of the greenest jobs in a world rapidly getting greener. Clean energy jobs are booming, with heating and cooling feeling the effects. New regulations, growing consumer demand for energy-efficient systems, and a commitment to innovation all make HVAC installation and maintenance a high-demand job in a field only growing. 

The job won’t see any slowdown due to automation because a computer cannot go to a home and perform the installation of new hardware. Many industry developments are necessary because of changing regulations and require completely new replacements. New energy sources, laws prohibiting substances, and increased energy efficiency have all required technicians to perform the changes in-person. As systems become more advanced, this requirement won’t change. The demand will keep the opportunities for building, installing, and maintaining HVAC systems steady for the foreseeable future!

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