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Why HVAC Service Contracts Are So Worth It During The Winter

Every homeowner should take proactive steps towards their comfort before winter begins. One of the best ways to secure your warmth during the coldest time of the year is investing in long-term HVAC maintenance. A service contract ensures that professional technicians check and maintain your HVAC system all winter long. 

Our team can come up with a plan for you, especially if you want to catch an issue before it starts or make your system more efficient!


The Perks Of Service Contracts In The Winter: Energy Efficiency

importance of winter service contracts - premier heating and coolingThe last thing you want is your heating to break down on the coldest day of the year, but you also don’t want to pay more for fuel than you have to. A service contract could also lower your utility bills because the technician uses preventative maintenance to spot inefficiencies in the system. This way, you won’t have to learn about problems through a high bill.

We can schedule the maintenance for when the seasons change. A well-maintained HVAC system can run more efficiently as you begin heating your home, lowering your utility bills.


The Perks Of Service Contracts In The Winter: Maintenance

winter service contract maintenance - premier heating and coolingThe purpose of regular HVAC maintenance is both make sure your system is running efficiently and to catch minor issues before they become significant. As HVAC systems age, they lose some of their heating and cooling capacity. With scheduled maintenance provided by a service contract, you get more mileage out of your equipment. We can help the system run nearly as well as it did the day it was installed.

This is especially good because HVAC repairs can be expensive and major issues with your HVAC system will not fix themselves. If a persistent problem is not addressed by a professional heating and cooling technician, it will become worse and soon affect the rest of the system.

HVAC technicians have the know-how to catch these issues while they’re still small. Maintenance is especially important when you crank up your heater for the first time all year, as a system that sits idle for an entire season is more likely to have unknown issues. To guarantee that your heating will work during the winter, the best thing to do is have a technician take a comprehensive look at the system.

If you’re diligent about scheduling, your system can enjoy the benefits of regular preventative maintenance. However, with an annual HVAC service agreement with Premier Heating and Cooling, you won’t have to worry about staying on top of your HVAC system. If you have an emergency, you can count on a technician to show up at your door the same day. A trained eye is important to keep your heat going all winter long!

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